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About Tadpatri

Tadpatri which is also known as Tadipatri is a municipal town in Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is located at the border of Kurnool and Kadapa districts. Tadpatri is the only town with an underground drainage in entire Anantapur district. The area around Tadpatri is known as Bhaskara Kshetra. Tadpatri got its name from Tatipatri which means garden of palm trees. Another version is that Tataki, a demon lady who tried to kill Sreeram on his way to save the yaga of Viswamitra but was killed by Sreeram at this very place and hence the name.

The villages surrounded by Tadpatri are Yaragunta palli, Kondapuram, Bugga, Chukkalur, etc.

Geography of Tadpatri

Tadpatri is located at 14.92°N 78.02°E and has an average elevation of 223 meters. It lies on the southern bank of Pennar River. The region is rich in cement grade limestone deposits. The lime stone reserves are extending in a triangle from Tadipatri in Anantapur district to Kamalapuram in Kadapa district and Bethamcherla in Kurnool district. The rocks in Tadipatri area are part of the Lower Cuddapah Super group. It consists of dolomite, limestone and shale.

Tadpatri is also very famous for gold. In fact, it is the second most reckoned place after Proddatur of Kadapa district. People from all over Anantapur district visit Tadpatri for the purity and high quality of its gold.

Demography of Tadpatri

As per the 2011 census, Tadpatri had a total population of 1,08,249 out of which 54,027 were males and 54,222 were females. The average literacy rate was recorded to be 72.17%.

Economy of Tadpatri

As mentioned above that the region around Tadpatri is rich in cement grade limestone deposits, a large number of cement and granite industries can be found in the region.

Granite Industries
The region is famous for its granite industries. It is known for producing black stone and granite polishing in entire Anantapur district. There are around 1300 stone polishing industries and about 300 granite industries in the region.

Cement Industries
After granite, the second most popular source of income for the locals are the numerous cement industries in the district. Ultra Tech cements - Larsen and Toubro was the first cement plant commissioned in 1994 at Bhogasamudram in Tadipatri. The location was finalized because of availability of water, limestone, human resources, etc.

After the success of Ultra Tech Cement, Tadpatri became home to cement producing industry of Penna Cement. The facility is used for sourcing limestone from the captive mines of Gudipadu, coal from Singarenni Collieries Company Limited and for transportation of finished goods to the consuming markets in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala.

Steel Industries
Gerdau Steel India Limited, Tadipatri - is the first investment made by Brazilian steel major Gerdau in Asia. The plant become operational from January 2013 and producing the special bar quality bars and supplying to many automotive component manufacturers. The plant gives employment to nearly 2000 people of the region.

Administration in Tadpatri

The current MLA of Tadpatri is J.C. Prabhakar Reddy, brother of J.C Diwakar Reddy, who has been an eminent name in the region. J.C. Diwakar Reddy won six times as an MLA from Tadpatri and in 2014 he contested the elections from Anantapur and left the Tadpatri seat for his brother.

How to Reach Tadpatri

By Road

There are direct buses to Tadpatri from Bangalore and Hyderabad. Tadipatri has a feasible and convenient bus service, APSRTC. The bus service is well connected to various other cities within the state and the neighboring states as well. Local transport within Tadpatri is not a problem. One can easily get an auto-rickshaw or cycle rickshaw for short distance travelling.

By Rail

The city has its own railway station which lies on the Gunatakal-Chennai line which is a part of Mumbai-Chennai line. The other closest railway junctions to Tadpatri are Anantapur, Gunatakal, etc. There are daily trains to Tadpatri from Mumbai, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Hyderabad, Goa, Trivandrum, etc. One can also reach Tadipatri from Bangalore by changing train at Gooty railway station.

By Air

The nearest airport to Tadpatri is Kempegowda International Airport, Bangalore at a distance of about 287 km.

Tourism in Tadpatri

Tourist attractions in and around Tadpatri are:

Belum Caves

About TadpatriThink of tourist attractions in Andhra Pradesh and one cannot miss the majestic Belum Caves. The Caves are the second largest in the Indian subcontinent and the longest in the plains of the subcontinent. These caves are particularly known for their stalactite and stalagmite formations. It is part of a larger complex of caves. The other caves being Billasurgam caves, Sanyasula caves, Yaganti caves, Yerrajari caves and Muchchatla Chintamanu caves. The deepest point in the caves is 150 meters and is known as Paatalganga. The caves are formed in black limestone and are a major tourist attraction in the region. Quartz deposits have also been found in some parts of Belum Caves. They have long passages, spacious chambers, fresh water galleries and siphons. It has 16 different pathways along with the main entrance. Is is said that, centuries ago, Jains and Buddhists monks had occupied these caves.

Since 1988, the caves have been declared protected by the state government. Today Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) looks after the caves. 3.5 km of the cave has been successfully explored, although only 1.5 km is open to tourists.

Belum Caves are situated at a distance of just 30 km from Tadpatri and one can easily reach the caves from the town.

Bugga Ramlingeswara Temple
About TadpatriBugga Ramlingeswara Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is known for its stunning architecture. The detailed architecture makes Bugga Ramlingeswara Temple a delightful place to be. Devotees from different parts of the country visit the temple to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva in the form of Shiv Lingam and seek blessings. The temple is adorned with ancient carvings of different important incidents from the Puranas. There are also beautiful carvings from the Ramayana and Mahabharata. These carvings and architecture give a glimpse into the cultural background of our country. These carvings are known for playing a role of an orator of ancient history of India.
The temple is located in the heart of the city and is a major religious tourist attraction.

Gooty Fort
About TadpatriGooty Fort is one of the oldest forts in the state. It is built at a height of about 300m on a hilltop. It was built during the prestigious Vijayanagar Empire. The unique shell shape and the view from the fort are the main highlights. The entire complex has 15 smaller forts and 15 main doors, popularly known as Mukkhadwaralu. There are numerous wells in the clefts of the rocks.

The nearest railway station is Anantapur. Gooty is well connected to Anantapur through road and rail. Gooty Fort is situated at a distance of about 52 km from Tadpatri.

Penna Ahobilam
Penna Ahobilam is situated 35 km from Anantapur. It is an uninhabited village and is known for its temple of "Sri Lakshmi NarasimhaSwamy" popularly called as Degurla Narasimha Swamy. The shrine is located on top of a small hill and has gigantic footprints, about 5” X 3”. It is believed that these footprints are of Lord Narasimha. The temple is a popular location for marriage ceremonies. A car festival is held on the fifth day of the dark fortnight during the month of Vaisakam (April-May). It is a very popular festival and people from neighboring states also come to be a part of it. One can easily reach Penna Ahobilam by hiring a taxi from Anantapur.

Chintala Thiruvengalanatha Swami Temple
About TadpatriChintala Thiruvengalanatha Swami Temple gets its name from the name of Lord Vishnu. Experts believe that the base of this temple was built as per the rules of the Shilpa Shastra. The base is made of stone and bricks and is a fine example of strength and great architecture. The detailed intricate carvings in the temple have image of animals, flowers, dancers and other gods and goddesses. The stone chariot of the temple is the main highlight. An interesting fact of this stone chariot is that, twice a year the rays of the Sun falls on the idol of the deity through the holes of this chariot. The pillars of the fort have carvings from ancient Hindu text Ramayana.

Rameswara Swami Temple
About TadpatriRameswara Swami Temple was built way back in the 5th century and is a fine example of the brilliant architecture of the by-gone era. It has been made by amalgamating the architectural base of Chalukyan, Chola and Vijay Nagar. The sculpture of this temple is famous for its sharpness and aristocracy in architecture. For having a special touch of ancient architecture, this shrine is often visited by the pilgrims as well as travelers from different places.

Yadiki Caves

Yadiki Caves are a popular tourist attraction of the region. The caves are located midway between Gooty and Tadipatri. These are beautiful natural caves. The view of beautiful hillocks, paddy fields and winding roads from the caves is a refreshing sight.

The cave is 5km in length and tourists can go 2km inside. There are stalactite and stalagmite formations at various points. Sri Naga Bhairava Lingeswara Swamy is in the vicinity. The Kona Ramalingeswara temple which is just adjacent to the springs of the caves is also a must-see place. The place also offers rock climbing, nature walks and trekking.

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